Jason McNamara grew up on Long Island's north shore, where he spent his formative years reading comic books and working on clam boats. After seeing the Ramones 37 times, Jason relocated to San Francisco in 1997.

When a proposed drinking problem fell through, he turned to writing comic books and won a Xeric Award for his graphic novel First Moon. When he's not writing, Jason's training to become an American Sign Language translator. He's a Pisces, a dog lover and looks great in a Spidey suit. Look out!

book listings:

Less Than Hero, self published mini series (2004)
Illustrated by Tony Talbert

Continuity, AiT/ Planet Lar (2006)
Illustrated by Tony Talbert

First Moon, distributed by AiT/Planet Lar (2007)
Illustrated by Tony Talbert

The Martian Confederacy, Girl Twirl Comics (2008)
Illustrated by Paige Braddock

Sucker (2008)
Illustrated by Tony Talbert and John Heebink

Short Hand (2008)

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